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Prairie at Post Updates

  • We have sold 18 of 21 lots.
  • House sizes range from 3000 - 6500 square feet and lost start at $195K and are all-inclusive
  • The Meeting House and Amphitheater are completed.
  • The Prairie at Post was featured in The Oklahoman: Farm Outpost
  • To visit and see the remaining lots, please call Jeremie at 404-918-8488 to schedule.

Something special has begun on a Prairie overlooking a farmer’s field and Coffee Creek. It’s a celebration of life the way it once existed – a place where neighbors are truly neighbors; where kids can fish and hike and where families can enjoy nature with modern convenience.

The Prairie is a gated community of 21 modern farmsteads being prepared for families that value beauty and simplicity. The architecture is modern farmhouse, the first of its kind in central Oklahoma. The amenities connect people and celebrate the beauty of nature – things like ponds and trails, vegetable gardens and a meeting house with an amphitheater. With lots ranging from 1.4 to 1.9 acres, the Prairie is a premier modern farmhouse planned community that brings a different style of house with a more intentionally planned master plan.

Between the Deep Fork River and Cottonwood Creek there is a road that was noticed in the past. It is now called Farmhouse Lane and it is a tree-lined road that delivers you right in the heart of the Prairie community. The Prairie is located 4 miles east of I-35. At the intersection of 2nd street (Edmond Rd) and Post Road, drive .4 miles north to the entrance gate on the west side.

Emphasis on Community

Starting in 2016 a group of residents, friends and development partners are creating a contemporary version of a traditional Farmhouse master planned community. The Prairie has the best of “farm to table” aspects as well as an emphasis on the community that once existed, but rarely does. All near some of the most historic, beautiful and popular sites within Central Oklahoma.

“We have taken into our language the word Prairie, because when our backwoodsmen first reached the Midwest and saw the great natural meadows of long grass – sights unknown to the gloomy forests wherein they had always dwelt – they knew not what to call them, and borrowed the term already used by the French.”

– Teddy Roosevelt

*Prairie is the French word for meadow.

The Prairie mixes the traditional charm of an Oklahoma Prairie with the contemporary flair of modern living, all surrounded by the most beautiful ponds, prairie grasses, wildflowers and native sandstone boulders.

With 18 of the 21 lots already sold we are looking for those who value community and the modern farmhouse style to finish the development. All lots include access to a large common area, fishing ponds, canoes and use of a meeting house that will include indoor and outdoor dining areas as well as an amphitheater, party spaces, and a winter and summer garden area. Each lot will range from 1.4 to over 1.9 acres with homes starting at 3,000 square feet and lot prices starting at $195K all inclusive of the above amenities.

Master Plan Amenities


Footpaths among the wildflowers and native grass


Horseshoe and washer pit for games


Picnic area for morning coffee or evening dinners


Fruit trees will be planted and in time will produce fruit in season


Vegetable garden producing fresh organic vegetables


Barn for community dinners and experiences

Local Amenities

Edmond Schools

Only 5 minutes from I-35

Located 1/2 mile from historic Route 66

Only 5 minutes from being on the water of Lake Arcadia

Near the Lake Arcadia Trail System of running and biking trails

Just down the road from the iconic Pops and Arcadia Round Barn

3 ponds on the 37.5-acre property

A Prairie homeowner will appreciate the farm-to-table lifestyle as well as the creative layout of the homes, meeting house and common areas. They value community, creativity and want to be a part of something truly unique and pioneering in the state of Oklahoma.

Our Aspirations...

  • Neighbors being neighbors – Each house has a front porch with lots of opportunities for parties and gatherings.
  • Simplicity – Simple and beautiful spaces, structures and spaces. The Prairie is simply unique for Oklahoma.
  • Sustainability – We believe in being sustainable in gardening and in practical ways for our homes and development.
  • Celebration – Life at the Prairie is a series of celebrations that show up in long meals and in creative experiences for families to enjoy.

The Developers

The Myers' Story

We’re building an amazing community at The Prairie and here’s our story…

We’ve heard it said…

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies”.

We began the journey of The Prairie with a hope and a dream for a better tomorrow. Our goal is to create the most thriving residential development in Oklahoma. With an authentic community of friends and genuine neighbors, this will happen.

While searching for a new home near Edmond Oklahoma, my wife and I could not find a development that aspired to the values that we are committed. So, along with my business partner, Jeremie Kubicek, we decided to create our own development and invite our friends to join us in the adventure. To encourage neighbors to develop stronger friendships, you will notice many small but important elements throughout The Prairie. These include homes with large front porches where friends can slow down and sit and talk, centrally located mail boxes where friends can say ‘hello’, footpaths for exercise, a community garden where delicious vegetables and herbs can be picked for special dinners and a meeting house for gatherings of friends. These are all designed to foster an authentic community and deep friendships.

We are native Oklahomans and currently live in Edmond. My wife, Kim, and I have been married for over 21 years. Kim is a registered dietician, but now manages our home. We both share an interest in healthy living, great food and daily exercise. And to better serve our passion for fresh cooking, Kim recently completed her certification to become a ‘Master Gardener’ through Oklahoma State University. I am an entrepreneur and you can learn a little more about my professional background at We love and value our family. We have a son named Jesse and we call him the ‘Bear’. Our daughter’s name is Tess and we call her ‘Sweet Girl’. Our loyal and goofy yellow lab is named Lilly.

We are so blessed to have some of the best friends in the whole world and are always hopeful for new and growing friendships.

So, our family invites you to tour The Prairie and discover why we love this place and call it our home!

The Kubicek's Story

In 2013, My wife, Kelly, and kids, Addison, Will and Kate, moved in to an amazing old monastery just outside London. The Hedsor Priory was built in 1583 and had ten bedrooms for us to host guests and serve leaders through our business. While there we learned from the British the art of hosting long meals, of taking rambles (hikes) along the River Thames and how to enjoy life and family in a way that we had never experienced in our previous time in Atlanta and Oklahoma City.

One of the reasons for our return to the states was a development with my business partner, Matthew Myers, in what is now called the Prairie at Post. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

What we valued in London, we are committed to building here: a meeting house where feasts and gatherings and after dinner celebrations can be held; kids being able to canoe and fish; couples gathering to learn the art of gardening and cooking; and equally as important, creating a community of creative and modern, yet traditional homes that will increase in value because of their charm.

Over the years we have explored a significant number of planned communities, similar to Serenbe in Atlanta, Rosemary Beach and Seaside in Florida. And while the number of homes are smaller at the Prairie, the intentionality is equal in what we plan to do and have already started to build.

My wife, Kelly, is amazingly talented at anything she puts her mind and hands towards – from cooking to design to gardening and the like. Our children are great kids, flying through their teenage years. Our daughter, Addison will go to college in 2016, while our son Will is going into his Junior year and our daughter Kate into her Freshman year at OCS.

I grew up working on our family farm in Shawnee and am an entrepreneur and leader of our global leadership business, called GiANT Worldwide. I also write books (5 Gears, 5 Voices, Making Your Leadership Come Alive) and will be writing 2-3 more from the Prairie with great anticipation.

I am most looking forward to the night where friends from the Prairie are gathered on the porch of the meeting house overlooking one of the three ponds, telling stories, laughing and celebrating the life that we have been given.

That is the perfect picture of the Prairie in my mind.

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